Laminated Table Sheet in Rolls, 30 Meter

Product Specifications

Laminated Table Sheet in Rolls, 30 Meter

Width Folded 51 cm (Roll) – Unfolded: 103,5 cm
Length 120 cm Perforated 25 Sheets

140 cm Perforated 21 Sheets

Paper   22gr/m2 and 30gr/m2 %100 Cellulose Towel Paper
Lamination 10micron Opaque YYPE
Pattern Ship – Dolphin – Check
Printing Method Flexo – Solid Color
Description The width is fixed for this product.
Sheet Color WHITE
Pattern Color DARK BLUE
Minimum Ordering 1 Parcel 12 Rolls

Product Images

Other Features

Disposable roll table sheet is manufactured in 103.5 – 105 cm width and 22gr and 30 gr.  The upper surface of disposable roll table sheet is laminated with tower paper and the other side is laminated with YYPE in 10 micron. Thus, it absorbs liquid but the liquid will not penetrate through the other side. Disposable table sheet can be either manufactured in single pieces or in perforated rolls depending on your needs. Our disposable table sheet is hygienic, economic and nature-friendly.

It is a well-known scientific fact that fabric products, which are believed to last long, house surprisingly unbelievable amount of microorganisms immediately after they are put into service, and pose a threat to human health.

The damage to the personal or institutional economy caused by the money and time spent on cleaning, ironing and replacing fabric products is unquestionably substantial.

Our disposable table sheets that can absorb any liquids up to three times its weight, and are fully hygienic, economic, problem-free, clean, healthy, aesthetic and soft textured. In comparison to fabric products, the disposable table sheet is a different and excellent product that can economically pay for itself in a very short period of time.

The surface layer of the table sheet is patterned paper and the other side is coated with waterproof lamination, therefore it is impossible for oils, water and staining materials to penetrate through sheet. In addition, your table always remain clean as you use disposable table sheet.

It is very useful. It is a product that will soon become one of the essential consumable materials of modern life.

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