Alcohol Swabs 6cm x 8cm –Custom Pattern

Product Specifications

Alcohol Swabs 6cm x 8cm –Custom Pattern

Width 6 cm – 60mm
Length 8 cm – 80mm
Paper Coated
Inner Paper Spunlace
Inner Paper Size 10cm x 10cm ( Spunlace)
Inner liquid general %70 IPA
Inner liquid types %70 IPA
Pattern Corporate logo – can be customized depending on your needs
Printing Method 3 Colors, flexo
Packaging 3.000 Pcs. / 1 Parcel Bulk
Minimum Ordering 50.000 Pcs

Print Mold will be charged for block per color in case of flexo printing.

Product Images

Other Features

Alcohol Swabs are used to disinfect the injection site prior to injection. Alcohol Swabs are also used to remove the blood from injection and clean other surfaces.

Alcohol Swabs are disposable.

Alcohol Swabs are made of nonwoven fabric and impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Use of alcohol swabs prior to collecting blood, injection and establishing vascular access Effective use against viruses, bacteria and fungus, for disinfection of skin, fast and effective disinfection, and disinfection of small surfaces

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