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renasan turkey,renasan company
renasan turkey,renasan company
renasan turkey,renasan company
renasan turkey,renasan company
renasan turkey,renasan company
renasan turkey,renasan company
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A leading company in Disposable Medical Products , Alcohol Swabs , Couch Rolls , Dental Bibs , Hygenic Product
A leading company in disposable Hygenic Products, Alcohol Swabs, Couch Rolls, Dental Bibs, Medical product
Medical Paper Roll
Medical paper roll, like many medical materials, is often used in hospitals and health clinics. These products are very important for both the doctor and the patient in terms of hygiene. Thanks to these products, medical treatments are performed in a sterile way. Medical paper roll prevents the infection of...
Paper Couch Roll
Paper couch roll is a hygienic product used in many industries. These products are often used, especially during medical treatments. In addition, these products are used not only in the medical sector, but also in many different sectors. The paper couch roll, which provides convenience in medical examinations and medical...
Examination Bibs
They are covers that are laid and used on the examination table in hospitals, clinics, offices and many medical fields.A separate cover is used for each patient. This eliminates the risk of any infectious diseases. In addition, it is important to use a separate examination cover for each patient in...
Purple Dental Bibs
Purple dental bibs is a sterile product that is very preferred both in terms of color and quality. Thanks to its single use, it can be used and thrown away quickly. It does not need to be washed or dried in any way. It is a sterile and hygienic product....
Pink Disposable Dental Bibs
Pink disposable dental bibs are used in many medical institutions. It is usually preferred by dentists. These gowns are used for the purpose of performing treatment in a more sterilized way during the patient’s dental treatment. It is ensured that secretory substances such as saliva do not touch the top...
Lens Wet Wipes
Lens wet wipes is a sterile product used for cleaning lenses. It is usually used for cleaning and sterilizing the lens sections of cameras and cameras. The lens sections of the cameras can become blurred with fingerprints or dirt. For this reason, these sections should be thoroughly cleaned and leave...
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