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Dental Patient Gowns
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Examination Tablecloths Laminated

Renasan is the only brand in Turkey producing laminate inspection table cover in TSEK 271 quality standards and passing all inspections for 8 years.

Dental patient aprons and unit tablecloths

Health professionals safely inspect their patients with RENASAN brand dental table covers and dental patient aprons and perform the necessary operations.

Alcohol Swabs - Aloccol Pre Peds

Alcohol swab wipes – Chloro swab wipes , RENASAN is the industry leader with its own brand and quality assurance.

Disposable Tablecover Sheets

Renasan considers your hygiene and cleanliness with special printed and unprinted disposable lamination paper table covers.

Wet Wipes

Meet your disposable product needs with the RENASAN brand, use both quality products and financially profitable. Please contact us for details.

Leading Healthcare Institutions

Turkey’s leading healthcare institutions chose Renasan for disposable medical products because Renesan provides high quality products and manufactures under hygienic conditions.


Why we manufacture disposable table sheets?

It is a well-known scientific fact that fabric products, which are believed to last long, house surprisingly unbelievable amount of microorganisms immediately after they are put into service, and pose a threat to human health. The damage to the personal or institutional economy caused by the money and time spent on cleaning, ironing and replacing fabric products is unquestionably substantial.

Our disposable table sheets that can absorb any liquids up to three times its weight, and are fully hygienic, economic, problem-free, clean, healthy, aesthetic and soft textured. In comparison to fabric products, the disposable table sheet is a different and excellent product that can economically pay for itself in a very short period of time.

The surface layer of the table sheet is patterned paper and the other side is coated with waterproof lamination, therefore it is impossible for oils, water and staining materials to penetrate through sheet. In addition, your table always remain clean as you use disposable table sheet. It is very useful. It is a product that will soon become one of the essential consumable materials of modern life.

Why to use alcohol swabs

It is isopropyl alcohol swab that is specifically manufactured for disinfection of fingers and skin. Before your finger is punctured with lancet, or prior to an injection of insulin, the skin or finger is cleaned with Alcohol Swab. The same site is cleaned again after puncturing to eliminate the risk for infection.  The major property of isopropyl alcohol is that it eliminates any environmental conditions that may negatively affect the results of measurement.


  • You obtain clearer measurement results because the site is cleaned. Otherwise, the result may not be clear if the measurement is made on the uncleaned site.
  • There will be no risk for infection on the site cleaned with Alcohol Swab.
  • The scar caused by lancet or needle immediately disappears.
  • It is practical and can be used at work, school or during a journey, i.e., anywhere.
  • It eliminates the risk for infections that are very common and caused by needle puncture.
  • It can be safely used for disinfection of areas where your hands touch such as common usage areas (e.g., supermarkets, buses, subway vehicles, etc.).
  • One pack contains 100 disinfectant swabs containing alcohol, antiseptic and glycerin. It is effective for hygiene of hands, side surface of fingers, and around of mouth and nose after coughing or sneezing.
  • It provides maximum protection against communicable disease through strong disinfectant action

A leading company in disposable table sheets, alcohol swabs, medical product

Renasan is one of the leading companies in the industry with disposable products it has manufactured since 2004.

The disposable products are one of the major solutions to prevent environmental pollution and provide hygienic conditions all over the world. Renasan will continue investments in manufacturing of disposable products and provide new products to the market. This is our duty to our country!!!

From 1967 to date

Renasan began its journey as a private company with Refik Naci GİZER in Ankara in 1967, and became a joint-stock company in 1981. In the subsequent years, particularly from 2001 Renasan began to make new investments and focused on disposable products, considering the deficit in disposable products market in the country, and soon became the leading company of the industry. Renasan still continues to make investments.

Manufacturing for High Quality

At Renasan’s manufacturing plant, Renasan manufactures Examination Table Sheets, Alcohol Swabs, Chloro Swabs, Disposable Paper Table Sheets, Dental Patient Gowns, Dental Table Covers, Wet Wipes, Salvon Wipes, various Products for Restaurants and Hair Dressers as well as carries out contract manufacturing.


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