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A leading company in disposable table sheets, alcohol swabs, medical product
A leading company in disposable table sheets, alcohol swabs, medical product
Why to use alcohol swabs
it is isopropyl alcohol swab that is specifically manufactured for disinfection of fingers and skin. Before your finger is punctured with lancet, or prior to an injection , the skin or finger is cleaned with Alcohol Swab. The same site is cleaned again after puncturing to eliminate the risk for...
Why we manufacture disposable table sheets?
It is a well-known scientific fact that fabric products, which are believed to last long, house surprisingly unbelievable amount of microorganisms immediately after they are put into service, and pose a threat to human health. The damage to the personal or institutional economy caused by the money and time spent...
ATV Haber 19.04.2017
We appeared on ATV’s Main News Bulletin.
Manufacturing for High Quality
At Renasan’s manufacturing plant, Renasan manufactures Examination Table Sheets, Alcohol Swabs, Chloro Swabs, Disposable Paper Table Sheets, Dental Patient Gowns, Dental Table Covers, Wet Wipes, Salvon Wipes, various Products for Restaurants and Hair Dressers as well as carries out contract manufacturing.
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